Plant Based Priorities

You may have seen the rise in Veganism and plant-based diets over the last couple of years, if you haven’t…where have you been!? It’s becoming more and more difficult to be ignorant to the process our food takes to get to out plate so we have been in our kitchen cooking up the perfect plant based version of your favourite Yee Kwan flavours so you can enjoy the exotic flavours of the East with a delicious, creamy coconut base!


Flavours in the range are:

Matcha Green Tea


Salted Caramel

Toasted Coconut

Chocolate Miso

…and now available in the range:




Currently available from:

If you would like to see Yee Kwan flavours in your local supermarket, we would be grateful if you could head on to their website and ‘request product’…usually found at the bottom of the home page.

We are thrilled to now be registered with the Vegan Society

Also our Vegan Chocolate Miso won a Great Taste award this year! 

Judges comments were:

*The chocolate flavour was deep and rich and was complemented by the savouriness of the miso paste*

*A wonderfully smooth texture which just melted in the mouth. Very well executed*

*A very enjoyable smooth chocolate ice cream which carries a really good richness, the texture is very good*

*The savoury notes and touch of salt just add a tiny point of difference to the ice. We enjoyed this and found it quite moreish!*

*A beautiful looking product. Rich chocolate flavours with umami and saltiness from the miso and coconut following through. Smooth and velvety and incredibly indulgent. A fabulous long lasting balance*

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