Cappuccino….Asian style!

So 8th November…National Cappuccino Day!

We all love a cappuccino right? or maybe you’re more of a latte lover? mocha mad? 

We thought we’d take a look into what our international counterparts were enjoying instead of our standard cappuccino, and here it is…..


Never heard of it? Us neither but i certainly sounds interesting! This mysterious tea beverage has taken root around the country with a uniqueness in flavour and texture. Less than a year ago, the trendy drink landed in Dongguan among anticipation and thirst. Some may say this is another milk tea revolution from Taiwan, following the widely spread bubble milk tea shops with a few new items added to the already long tea menu.


The beverage is similar to a cappuccino with a spooned, thick milky layer on top. Appropriately, it has been dubbed the Chinese cappuccino, but it looks more like beer with green or black tea on the bottom. It is often enjoyed cold. The secret lies in the two to three centimeters of foam layered on top. The combination of milk, cream, salt or cheese (yes, cheese…) is beaten into a frothy form. The quality of the ingredients and the ratio between milk and cheese can affect the texture and flavour.

The popular drinking method is to dip the front lip in like drinking a beer. The creamy, salty and cheesy foam hits your tongue first, followed by the fresh fragrant tea. The contrasts of warmth and chilliness, sweet and salty, milk and tea fragrances form a special sensation that neither coffee nor tea can offer.

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