Innovation in flavour

We pride ourselves on creating and developing innovative flavours that bring a point of difference and excitement to our customers restaurant menus.

We understand the importance of offering a product that tastes outstanding that will keep your customers coming back for more.

Working alongside you and your chef development teams we’ve created flavours like our Chocolate Shichimi ice cream and Toasted Rice and Jasmine Tea ice cream for our multiple site clients.


We source the best quality ingredients from around the world to produce our range of award-winning products, here are some examples:
• Belcolade dark chocolate from Belgium
• Bourbon Vanilla extract from Madagascar
• Artisanal organic matcha powder from Kyoto, Japan
• Pure Dragon Fruit puree from Vietnam
• Musang King durian from Malaysia
• The milk, double cream and sugar we use is British.


The 2 / 4 / 5 litre napoli tubs and lids are fully recyclable and sourced in the UK. They’re very sturdy and can also be reused for storing ingredients and spices in your kitchens.

Ordering Process & Logistics

We understand that managing restaurants and juggling the many tasks and staff involved can be a struggle. Therefore, to make life easier and to take some pressure off, you can WhatsApp your order direct to us.

As well as offering our products through our dedicated distributors we also offer a direct delivery service where we ship our products using dry ice.

The minimum order quantity for this service is only £50. If you’d like to know more, click here to find out more.

You can also order our products through the app REKKI

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(Available Nationwide)

Why partner with us?

Our SALSA accredited nut free factory has the capacity to manufacture a range of innovative flavours in various tubs sizes.
Our technical team can support you with developing ice cream recipes, Asian inspired desserts, working on factory trials and developing the perfect product for your business on a white label basis.