How do you like your coffee in the morning?

It’s Monday…the only way to tackle this is with copious amounts of coffee.How do you have your coffee?

Not us, we’ve travelled the globe in search of different ways to get that caffeine kick!

America – Drip Coffee Nothing is more quintessentially American than a cup of Joe. Most mugs are brewed with Arabica coffee beans which contain less caffeine than other varieties, but studies have found that roasting coffee beans when the coffee is brewed actually ups the antioxidant levels. Talk about starting the day off right!

Turkey – Turkish Coffee Novices beware: Turkish coffee doesn’t play around. Served with the fine grounds still in it, this traditional coffee is known as extra dark and strong and is definitely not for the faint of palate. Turkish coffee is boiled instead of brewed so it packs in more heart-healthy nutrients

Greece – Frappe Made with instant coffee, evaporated milk and ice-cold water, a frappé isn’t glam, but it is definitely delicious.

Vietnam – Egg Coffee Egg coffee for breakfast (or dessert)! Made with egg yolk, condensed milk, sugar, and hot coffee, this this tiramisu-like treat is nothing if not rich. But before you feel too guilty, the combo of condensed milk and egg yolk gives this brew a hearty dose of protein.

Germany – Pharisäer Maybe save this one for the weekend ;)…Coffee with rum and whipped cream!…Yes please

Finland – Kaffeost Coffee with an extra shot of…cheese? so…a cheese called juustoleipä is cut into small chunks and placed at the bottom of the cup, and then coffee is poured on top. After you drink the coffee, you eat the cheese with a spoon…Brew Gromit?

Hong Kong – Yuan Yang This famous Hong Kong brew blends coffee with milky black tea for an antioxidant-boosted caffeine buzz.

Spain – Cafe Bombon Made with espresso and half sweetened condensed milk, café bombon doesn’t need any extra sugar (but maybe a trip to the dentist).. In one double shot sized serving, it packs 14 grams on it’s own! Try this Spanish classic with condensed coconut milk to cut the calories.

….i’d look away now if you’re squeamish..

Indonesia – Kopi Luwak – absurdly, this is coffee made from beans that have passed through a civet’s faeces. But, it is known to be very aromatic and flavourful…and very rare!


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