Campfire Cones

If you haven’t already tried a campfire cone then i urge you to give it a try this Bonfire weekend…Don’t be fooled by the title, you can make this delicious, gooey treat in the oven, grill or campfire.

First and foremost you’ll need a regular ice cream cone, we used a waffle cones because of course we have hundreds but feel free to use a cone of your choice.

We then lined the inside of the cone with peanut butter.

Stuff the cone with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips (drool).

Now your cone is full to the brim, wrap in tin foil ready for heating.

As mentioned before you can use an oven, grill or of course a bonfire to heat your cones, unwrap and top with your favourite flavour of ice cream.

TO keep it more festive replace the peanut butter with treacle, toffee or butterscotch.


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