Our flavours….UNWRAPPED

Ever wonder how authentic some ingredients really are? Well we like to use only the best ingredients from around the world and were going to show you..


Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

We use Grade 3 matcha powder from organic gardens in Japan. Each batch is milled into a powder freshly before shipping to the UK which we then infuse with our low fat ice cream base mix to bring the authentic taste of Japanese matcha to you.


Black Sesame Seed Ice Cream

Our black sesame seeds are sourced from Japan which we then toast by hand and grind into a fine powder before adding into our mix and freezing, this ensures the rich nutty aroma comes through in every mouthful.


Vietnamese Coffee

For every batch we brew up a fresh lot of Sang Tao Trung Nguyen coffee right the way from Vietnam, we use a coffee drip and add lashings of condensed milk…just the way it should be. Vietnamese coffee is known for being much richer with a chocolaty aroma.




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