Ice cream
Ice cream spoon
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream, East Asian inspired ice cream
Mango and Passion Fruit Ripple Ice Cream, East Asian inspired ice cream
Armed with just a notebook and a spoon
The Japanese Shichimi powder is a blend of seven flavours

We love to travel across the globe on the hunt for flavour, inspiration and fun!

We carefully toast desiccated coconut and add it to create a wonderfully fragrant and textured ice cream.
Mint leaf
mint leaf
Whole lychee fruit added to create a wonderfully delicate perfumed flavour.

We love to squash, squeeze, test and taste our way through the flavours of the world to create the perfect flavour combinations.

yee kwan ice cream tubs
Yuzu, Citrus fruit native to Japan
Mint leaf
a camera
Chocolate and cherry

....nothing is out of the realms of possibility here at Yee Kwan. No stone goes unturned when we're on the hunt for innovate and exciting flavours to cook up!

fresh lime
Pink Guava, we only sourcing the best quality ingredients for our ice cream and sorbet!
 black sesame seeds

At our Sheffield Headquarters we fill our notebooks (and our stomachs) with all sorts of wonderful tasty concoctions

a tea pot
mint leaf
 Red Thai tea in a tea cup
Mango and Passion Fruit Ripple Ice Cream
ice cream spoon
Fresh ingredients: yuzu, passion fruits, chili, lychee...
Ice cream cone

...and develop them into some truly original ice cream flavours!

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